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On 17 March, The Ministry of Justice announced that these increases will now take effect from Monday, 21 March 2016, given very little notice.

The fee increases will see an increase for the issue of possession claims using PCOL from £250 to £325 and those issued manually from £280 to £355.

There are also increases of application fees in civil matters with:

  • Applications without a hearing / by consent will rise from £50 to £100
  • Contested applications where a hearing takes place will rise from £155 to £255
  • Future court fee increases

In December 2015 the Government also concluded a second fees consultation. At that stage they decided not to press ahead with further increases to court issue fees for money claims.

However, it decided to proceed with a 10% uplift on all enforcement fees in the county court:

  • Issue of warrant of execution against goods (CCBC and MoneyOnLine cases): £70 to £77
  • Issue of warrant of execution against goods (non-CCBC): £100 to £110
  • Request for attempt of execution of warrant at new address: £30 to £33
  • Application to require judgment debtor to attend court: £50 to £55Application for a third-party debt order: £100 to £110
  • Application for a charging order: £100 to £110Application for a judgment summons: £100 to £110
  • Issue of a warrant of possession/warrant of delivery: £110 to £121Application for an attachment of earnings order: £100 to £110

These increases to enforcement fees are not yet in force but will be come ‘law’ as soon as a statutory instrument is laid before Parliament.

The fee increases will affect almost all ‘civil court users’ and will be cause of concern as to whether using the court system for collection of smaller debts is financially viable.

For more information on the proposed increases or advice on debt collection please speak to us.

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